Consulting / studies

Process optimization by automation experts

  • Understanding our customers’ automation constraints
  • Identifying the risks
  • Defining a tailor-made approach
  • Identifying the optimum solution

These are the daily challenges facing our automation experts within the framework of pre-engineering studies prior to machine manufacture.

We have formalized a method enabling any automation problem, irrespective of its complexity, to be understood in a systemic and structured manner.

This method, referred to as SAM (sysmelec anticipating method) involves following the circle of anticipation tasks and stopping on the most relevant tasks.

Advantages of SAM

  • Direct access to long-standing automation know-how accumulated over the past 40 years
  • Possibility of optimizing the product to facilitate its automation
  • Duration reduction of the industrialization process
  • Stimulation of innovation

The acquired success of SAM lies in the exploitation of the resources and competences shown on the picture on the right.