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UniLink: the adaptable solution to your requirements

The UniLink modular assembly system is based on an innovative philosophy of automation with which modular, reconfigurable and scalable assembly lines can be realized.

The system consists of manual, automated and logistics plug & play modules. It has the big advantage to treat your parts individually with follow-up and traceability.

Thanks to the user-friendly control software UniFace 4.0, it provides you with the flexibility to efficiently control your UniLink production line. Furthermore, it can be expanded step-by-step depending on the increase in production volume. This allowsyou to spread out your investments over a longer time period.

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  • Modular, reconfigurable and scalable
  • Standalone and plug & play modules
  • Modern HMI and performant software, both compatible to Industrie 4.0
  • Individual treatment of parts with traceability
  • Shock and slip free transfer of the part-holders
  • Adapted to productions with high cleanliness requirements
  • Possibility to spread the investments depending on production volume increase
Compact and universal module allowing several logistics functions such as:

  • Transfer from part-holders allowing a bypass or a return path
  • Buffer between manual and automated modules
  • Storage for part-holders
  • Unloading of  bad parts
Ergonomic workplace with several comfort features:

  • Direct access to parts to be processed
  • Storage for components to be inserted
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Individually adjustable lighting
  • Optional: touchscreen with access to the entire production line
Two variants of process module (600mm or 1200mm wide) for the implementation of several functions such as:

  • Assembly
  • Pick and press
  • Gluing
  • Control

The user-friendly control panel provides easy and quick access to the functions of the module.

For the work collaboration side by side with an operator:

  • Articulated robot arms optimized for small part assembly
  • No danger due to shock absorbing elements and movement monitoring
  • Easy assembly, loading and unloading operations
Overview of the production line with fast access to modules, stations and functions. The touchscreen selection of the required elements allows for example:

  • Adjustment of parameters
  • Inspection of counter and quality criteria
  • Confirmation of warning notices
  • Optional: display of the productivity with in-depth analysis
The UniLink system is dedicated to the assembly applications of miniaturized or delicate products. It can, amongst others, be used in the following fields:

  • Watchmaking industry
  • Medical / pharmaceutical industry
  • Microtechnology
  • Electromechanics

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