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With its sylas® 3D laser polishing machines, Unitechnologies offers an alternative to the conventional polishing methods. Indeed, this allows to save time, reduce costs, while at the same time increasing the repeatability of the polishing process. The manufacturing process for the injection molds used in the production of PET preforms illustrates this concept. The point of this application is to improve the finish quality of the tool-steel used for the molds by using a laser. Milling and turning traces are melted by the laser beam so that the surface provides an ideal base for the final steps of the polishing process. This method provides several advantages:

  • reduced manual polishing by a factor of 5
  • polishing of surfaces difficult to reach
  • surfaces with repeatable precision
  • no sandblasting operations necessary

Furthermore, the following advantages for the production of injection molds also become apparent:

  • less preliminary work necessary on milling and EDM  machines
  • less tool wear on CNC machines
  • less rejects or rework


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PET molding preform example
Due to its natural hardness, it is difficult to process ceramics mechanically. However it is precisely this property which leads to the choosing of ceramics in many applications. sylas® now provides the possibility to polish ceramic using a laser. Milled, sanded or turned surfaces can thus be improved by a factor of 2 to 10. Compared to conventional methods, the laser provides a repeatability which considerably reduces rejects. The tooling wear on the milling and turning machines is also reduced since the pre-work to be carried out is more approximate.

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Metal coated plastic materials are mostly used in cars for the push-buttons and parts of the console. These elements provide two important characteristics: the perception of a metal surface with the economy in weight of a plastic material. By means of laser technology, it is also possible to generate other perceptions by making the surface rougher or with a particular texture. With the 3D laser equipment, it is now possible to create not only 2D, but also complete 3D geometries. Handles and similar parts can be fully furnished with a “tactile” surface. Using this method, manufacturers are provided with new design possibilities for car interiors.

A concrete example has been carried out in cooperation with a leader in this domain, the German company BIA Kunststoff- und Galvanotechnik GmbH & Co. KG. An ABS fuel cap has been galvanically coated by BIA before being processed in 3D on a sylas® laser machine (see photo).

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Fuel cap coated in ABS by BIA
and processed by 3D laser

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