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Tailored automation

The sysmelec® high precision automated machines are realized according to the customer specifications. Based on proven automation principles, the design of the machines ensures robustness and reliability. Their main characteristics are as follows:

  • Integration of demanding attachment processes, especially appropriate for the assembly of microtechnical products; these processes include: laser welding, gluing, driving into position with force control, micro-screwing and many others
  • Handling of miniaturized, delicate and/or flexible products
  • Handling and shaping of wires with very small diameters or wires that are very sensitive to mechanical stresses, especially tensile strength
  • Integration of real-time measurements in order to control one or more robots in a cell
  • Integration of intelligent tooling which, combined with one or more robots per machine, makes the machine either more flexible (in the case of several variants) or more robust
  • Design guided by customer performance specifications – sysmelec® assembly machines provide typical cycle times ranging from 2 to 30 seconds, depending on the applications
  • Integration in the customer’s IT environment
  • Clean room and/or medical-compatible execution, if specified

Application examples

Thanks to its sysmelec® trademark, Unitechnologies has deep roots in the watchmaking industry, which allowed to build up a wide experience and a unique know-how in the automation of watchmaking processes as well as in the precision assembly, the handling and the measure of delicate watch components. A few selected examples of watchmaking processes:

  • High precision jewelling and mounting
  • Assembly of T1 and T2 watches
  • Assembly using micro-screwing
  • Fully automated hand-fitting (needle)
  • Assembly of sub-assemblies for external parts of watches, cases, wristlets, etc.
  • Welding and laser marking of internal and external watch parts
  • Volumetric dispensing of points and beads with glue and grease
  • Loading/unloading of watchmaking components onto machine tools
  • Engraving of parts
The field of sensors is well represented in Unitechnologies activities which include all types of services such as sysmelec® consulting, feasibility studies and prototypes as well as machines for assembly, measuring and testing, handling and many others. A few examples of automated processes:

  • Welding and assembly of sensors
  • Insertion and crimping under force control
  • Cutting and disposal of excess wires
  • Laser soldering on flexprint
  • Glue dispensing for sealing joints
  • Dispensing of solder paste
  • 100% test and control
Surgical sutures

  • Mono and multifilament threads
  • Needles with several dimensions/shapes
  • Assembly and crimping of threads and needles in 7 seconds
  • Pull tests with force sensor for quality control

  • 3 different gluing processes
  • Positioning precision: <5 μm in X, Y and Z
  • Delicate components : MEMS et filters
  • Cleanroom class 1’000
Pressure sensors

  • Assembly of wires
  • Dispensing of solder paste
  • Soldering of wires on a ceramic substrate
  • Number of soldered points: 4

  • Deposit of mono-component silicone adhesive in a
    defined sequence for adhesive bonding of two parts
  • Dispensed volume: 40 [mm³]
  • Laser soldering
  • Clean room application
Other medical applications

  • Blood rotary pump
  • Electrodes
  • Implants
  • Analyses consumables
Design and realization of sysmelec® machines or custom designed automated lines such as:

  • A fully automated laboratory used to prepare liquid solutions from powders
  • A packaging cell for biochips
  • Multidispensing system of monomer for the production of contact lenses
  • Machine for the optical control of a product’s quality

  • Large number of components
  • Multi-variants
  • Assembly, test, packing
  • Cycle time: 4 sec.

  • Laser welding
  • Adjustment in the micron range
  • Final assembly under laminaria flux class 100
  • Cycle time: 3.6 sec.
Planetary gears

  • Precision assembly
  • Pressing
  • Multi-variants
  • Semi-automatic
Connectors of inductive sensors

  • Soldered by iron
  • Number of soldered points: 5
  • Optical control of the soldering points
  • Fully automatic
Electronic modules

  • Volumetric dispensing
  • Conformal coating of an electronic circuit
    with a mono-component UV adhesive
  • Dispensed volume : 35 [mm³]
  • Online automatic UV curing

  • Fully automatic assembly of connectors on fibers
  • Fiber insertion on ferrules
  • Glue dispensing
  • Final test of connectors and control of their light intensity
Connectors for optical fiber

  • Single point dispensing with
    a two-component epoxy
  • Dispensed volume: 0.6 [mm³]
  • Online UV curing
  • Semi-automatic
Optical amplifiers

  • Fully automatic lens assembly
    in an optical amplifier
  • Alignment and lens gluing
  • Placement ± 0.3 μm
  • Mastering of adhesive shrinking

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