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Thanks to its extensive experience acquired in the high precision automation and the integration of a multitude of laser applications, Unitechnologies now offers the only machine of its kind on the market. The production platform is equipped with:

  • laser
  • 3D scanner
  • highly precise 5-axis robot

The 8 degrees of freedom available on this platform provide the possibility to perform various surface and material processing on complex components.

The main elements of the platform are:

  • a 5-axis DELTA robot designed to be extremely stiff and precise
  • a 2 or 3D scanner depending on the application and a laser source performances selected to fit the process
  • a customizable optical path and beam shape
  • a software and a controller capable of synchronizing up to 8 numerical axes and to work from a CAD drawing of the component to be polished
  • a patented atmosphere control chamber, specially designed to maintain the full laser beam properties, which is docked onto the robot wrist

Finally, as an option, the platform can be equipped with conveyors and palletizers for full autonomy or integration into a production line

For polishing operations, the processed surfaces are defined by means of a CAD drawing of the concerned component. This drawing is then interpreted by the machine’s software which generates the trajectories of the robot and the scanner as well as the work instructions.

The system is equipped with a camera that is installed on the optical head of the machine. At the beginning of each cycle, it provides the pertinent geometric references of the component to be polished. Based on this information, the system calculates the position of the component and starts the polishing process. The selected areas are processed using a high frequency pulsed laser that melts the material locally. Surface tension smoothens the material before it solidifies again.

  • Improving the product quality
    By using the 8 degrees of freedom of the machine, it is possible to create a complex trajectory without having to set down the part in between. It is therefore possible to execute a soldering cord, to engrave texts or to polish surfaces without work interruption. As a result, unwanted effects at the overlap of the work zones are avoided. Due to the machine’s high precision, the parts can be processed with full repeatability and delicate operations can be completed successfully. Typically, for polishing operations the mastery of the spatial tolerances is greatly improved.
  • Reducing the risks
    The changeover time for several production stages, including the selective polishing or surface structuring, takes less time when laser technology is used. This improves productivity and reduces risks.
  • Flexibility
    The sylas® platform can be configured for different laser processes and adapted to the production particularities of each customer. Indeed, the machine can be equipped with a carrier handling system to improve the autonomy or be configured for manual loading. More important yet, the sylas® cells are also intended to be parameterized and can therefore process different types of geometries and components.

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