automation processes

A unique know-how

Thanks to our long experience in the manufacturing of custom-designed automated machines for the microtechnical industry, we have acquired a unique know-how in the mastery of the production processes of miniaturized products, including attachment and measuring. Amongst the most commonly automated processes are:

  • Precision assembly, respectively high precision (a few microns) positioning using vision control systems
  • Precision assembly with control of the Ox Oy tilt of the components
  • Assembly using force controlled insertion
  • Handling of flexible components such as membranes
  • Handling of delicate components such as resistive wires
  • 2D or 3D shaping of wires or tubes
  • Attachment using gluing processes with onsite polymerization
  • Attachment using laser welding and precision crimping
  • Automated attachment though ultra sound or heat riveting
  • Automated attachment through microscrewing, force controlled press-in, etc.
  • Non-conventional die attachment on delicate chip and MEMS products
  • Precision cutting and bending of metallic components
  • Non-conventional winding
  • “online” measures used to guide the assembly operations